Nothing worse then a fake friend. Actually nothing worse then having no idea you have a fake friend. The one that talks behind your back, screws you over for their own benefit…..This year that’s happened to me so many times I finally broke. This blog is my therapy. Every time one of them drives me up a wall, or has me coming home hysterically crying, I’ll talk to all of you about it, even if no one’s listening  or rather reading at least I’ll have gotten it out.







So I decided to take a chance tonight and go to a party where I knew there’d be people I’d recently cut out of my life. I’ve never felt more unwanted in my life, it was as if people were looking at me as if I didn’t belong, I use to be best friends with all of them, and they wrong me, yet I’m the one shunned. But that’s how life works…..

My “best friend” since Middle School was there, and of course she had to have all of the attention of everyone and if little miss princess didn’t she had a pout on her face that would ruin anyone’s time, because if the princess isn’t having fun no one is. Trust me her nickname doesn’t do her justice. She’s the girl all the guys love but all the girls hate. I know you’re probably thinking I’m jealous of her and that’s why I say these things, not the case people. She is a spoiled BRAT who complains when “daddy” takes away the credit card when she’s spent to much in marc jacobs. She’s owns two of her own cars but that’s not enough for princess, she needs more. There used to be an actual human being in her, but now all I hear and see is TOTAL BITCH. Sucked when I had to put up with it in High School, but she found a new doll to mess with and be her “bestie”, I’m out ginnys in.



When you graduate from high school you automatically assume the drama that went with it would go away. Sorry but that’s not the case. If anything you realize who your real friends are, and well unfortunately you also  realize there’s not that many. The people you were there for through everything, and I mean breakups, family drama, fights, lose of loved ones, you can do all that and still mean so little to someone. It’s tragic. And while you hope they miss you and realize that you were the best friend they ever had, chances are they don’t. Reality sucks, so does getting older. Never ever land is looking pretty good right about now. At least in High School I knew who my enemies were and I had people I could talk to, now I feel lonelier then ever. But at the same time I’d rather be here blogging on a summer night then out with people who don’t respect me and don’t have the time for me, I deserve better, and one day it will get better. right?



When you gradua…


Recently my “friends” made a joke about how I probably have a blog dissing them and complaining about all of the horrible things they do. What they didn’t realize is that I didn’t until now. Sorry guys but all of the shit i’ve dealt with is about to go viral.   -ThegirlinTeal